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I’ve been working on a children’s novel aimed at 9-12 year olds, which I hope to complete in the near future. I originally started writing and illustrating it when I was 15, and since then it’s undergone many edits and revisions, with one version self published and handed out to both adults and children, to positive feedback. I’m hoping to re-do most of the illustrations and complete a final edit, and then get it self published to sell online. I’m also hoping to seek out a literary agent, and I plan to write more children’s fiction as I already have lots of ideas brewing and scraps of manuscripts floating around.

Stitches is the story of a young girl called Frances Stitch growing up in a children's home and her struggles with insecurities, bullying and coming to terms with her past.

Her quirky nature and the stitches which cover her entire body make her stand out from everyone else, as well as her secret magical ability to bring inanimate objects to life. With no memory of her past, Frances is determined to piece together the strange visions which haunt her dreams to uncover the truth of where she came from.

A bizarre, funny and dark tale about finding yourself and not being ashamed to be a little bit different.